$12 credit how long before.the credit is applied

So I bought a game from someone for $15 received it Saturday and closed out Saturday afternoon…how long until the credit is applied?

@David_Wuertz You should get a notification with the Credits almost immediately. If you had a previous purchase that was cancelled, please contact Support because the Credits will have to be applied manually.

Hey AponeGF, I have a question. So I bought an item from a seller on the 25th of March and there was still offers left for the $12. Its April 6th and I havent got it yet nor has the shipping even updated since the 30th. So I was wondering 2 things.

  1. If I do get the item, will I still be getting the $12 in credits since it was a purchase in March and at the time there was offers left or am I screwed now thanks to the seller?

  2. If I get tired of waiting and ask for a refund, does that exclude me from the $12 promo, if its even possible to get?


@kazafkaz If you do get the item but don’t get the Credits, contact support so we can take a look at the issue.

If you ask for a refund, it would exclude you from the $12 promo since the sale was not completed.