$2 credit expired - any chance of getting it reissued?

Its been a crazy, stressful week and I ended up forgetting to use the $2 credit that was put in my account and it expired yesterday. Is there any chance of it being reissued?

Probably not. It’s like a coupon, when it is expired, then it can’t be used anymore. You might get more free credits in the future but it varies in time between these.

Hi, expired credits cannot be reissued.

I can only suggest next time put a notification somewhere so it can remind you. RIP :frowning:

Have a Good Day!

I just kept putting it off because there wasnt anything I wanted at the moment and life kept me busy. Remembered this morning when I had an hour to myself and thought I’d find something to buy but my credit had just expired the day before. Oh well…

Happened to me once too :rofl: Kept thinking of what to buy until it expired and I still did not have anything to buy…then I was like okay lol

Next time just buy anything you see I guess. I just spend it as soon as they give me lol.
Have a Good Day!

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