About my balance

So recently i notice that my activity balance is kinda mess up
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just like this one my ending balance on 3.11$ is 374.09$ if you add 9$ it should be 383.09$ not 377.20$.
Can anyone explain why is like that!? because whenever i got sold an item they already deducted the tax from my sale just like this.
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THANK YOU FOR THOSE WHO CAN ANSWER. Im just very confuse on this part hehe

Are you a new seller?
If you are, there should be something like this (Refer to top picture).
From your screenshot, I believe the $374.09 + $3.11 = $377.20. Since your sale of $10 ($1 in comission and digital fee) was just completed today (18 Jan), you have to wait till the ‘Available in (time)’ is done to get the money in your wallet
You can see wallet change is $0 due to the ‘Available in (time)’. Hence, there should be a ‘available in (time)’ and it won’t show that you have the $9 in your wallet yet.