About the API listing changes

Hello guys,

We had a chance to API listing that ended up affecting other parts of the Marketplace such as making comments and delivering items/marking the item as sent.

This is now fixed and the limitation will only affect API listing when the seller is creating lots of listings in a certain period of time (spamming). Such a limit can vary, so the only way to avoid that is to create listings at a moderate pace.

If you find any issues and/or have questions, please feel free to comment on this post.

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Hey. so how many orders i can create in 1 hour for example ?

Hey @DunnBiscuit so how would you recommend I post 1000 listings ? Before the update I would post all 1000 listings within 40minutes

Hey guys, I’m unable to tell you about limitations due to the reason I explained in the first message.

I recommend you to try the new change and find the best pace for you to create listings.

so what if i have for example ~200+ different items and i want to post all of it at once. Will it still punish me?

So Gameflip is going to put out a new listing limitation rule for all sellers but not give us a complete explanation on how to follow the rules but instead tell us to just “figure it out”?

That’s pretty sus


I really liked this because it was happening spammy too much on RL-XBOX!

Thanks you sir @DunnBiscuit


This is a great idea against spammers… I do find it difficult for people who don’t spam but just have a lot to sell… we’ll have to be patient see how it works; i guess they’re still testing it since it’s a new update c:

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@DunnBiscuit okay, so what happens if you’re internet cuts out mid way?
i’ve discovered that i can only have a 1minute pause after every post.
if the internet cuts out… ooofff, that means i have to restart 200 listings.

Hey man, unfortunately, this isn’t an issue from our side (losing internet connection), so you need to start again as mentioned.

I need serious help with Gameflip API. What is the API command to list roblox items? I have tried bulk_listing but it appears that I have to link the steam account and I get an error. I don’t know how to do this. I did the verification and my api keys but I don’t know what is the command to post items.

Hey i want to use Api to post listings, but i have absolutely no clue how to do it. i already installed git bash node.js and python but dont understand one single thing tbh. i would even pay some cash if someone can explain me what i have to do pls :smiley: