Account banned help !!

This suspand is 1 year or 1 Month ?


1 year sad…

1/09/2020 is 1 month suspension…
Even in the original format 2020/01/09 is year month day. Not year day month, but I can see the confusion as many countries do it differently.

This suspand is 1 month ?

I am not a moderator, but to my eyes, yes. 1 month suspension. If you have been suspended multiple times before, that may change. If this is the first time, they’re short to teach you a lesson. Do it again and it’ll be longer / permanent.

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this is the first time … thank’s sir

Could you help me for understanding ?

Hello espace1989,

As MadMan has mentioned, this is a 1 month suspension :slightly_smiling_face:

Our system format is month/day/year

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Ok thank’s