Account banned OMG In Tears😓

Hey Everyone Just logged on after Hards work on gameflip I never ever, ever though this would ever happen but I have Banned for Fraudulent Claims after receiving Purchased Items OMG Like what I’m 16 Verified use gameflip every day of my life never ever had a problem maybe the odd few but yeah nothing as serious I did buy a bunch of amazon Giftcards but they were all 3 of em Been redeemed already do I disputed em ect provided proof whatever you guys think I’m doing or trying to do Think Again I’m so chill and just use gameflip to make money for my mum and dad like what and why I’m in so much shock maybe it’s because I have been banned also had a part of me showing everyone the truth about gameflip I see why :pensive: Mods aye like what I cant write In the Shock is getting to me what in the Name or Lord Why and how I sell roblox and fortnite and giftcards what in the name gameflip HELP ME OUT Someone I have quite abit of money in my wallet 2 from all sales everything I have done was to make gameflip a better and safer place MY profile code is BUT6RM I was soooooo Delighted that I hit my 100+Reviews And for this omg Has changed and scared Me I have worked My Back off for gameflip and Some people who have been in need of help I have also Been on the forum just dedicated and being helpful to others ect like really come one Gameflip Uh Ticket 524685

  • Bigger Support Teams?
  • Mods dont do As much Work?

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I’m pretty damn sure the registration age is 18. Possibly a moderator looked over yor documents and found that you are under registration age.

13 I think and under with parental Guidence is allowed

The ban says Fraudulent Claims and file charge back :no_mouth::pensive::sweat:

Bump Please MODS
@DarkKnight None of you have Ever Responded to me Not once in my whole Gameflip service Should be ashamed of yourself I’m sorry I’m just speaking the truth