Account permantly suspended

So, i got permantly banned for “harassment”. Actually not a PERMANTLY Ban worthy in my opinion but im still sorry for that.
I got Money (16$+) on my Account and want to send it to PayPal. Oh right, i can’t! Why does a account suspendition blocking me from sending MY Money to PayPal? That’s the true scam.
I was normaly trading my Items and didn’t trade something that was agains’t the rules. I did spend Money for my Items and now i got nothing from it, really?!
My Code is F9ENTN and i would be glad, if actually the support would HELP on that one.
Updating the App to make it possible to send Money to PayPal while you’re banned or making my Account viable for a amount of time to lez me send my Money to PP, please?

Unfortunately due to the nature of your comments, the suspension can’t be lifted.