Account Suspended !! 410 Good Feedback !


Today my account suspended !!
I dont remmeber my invite code but my game flip username same is forum one

But really i dont know why !! i don’t recive any email sms or …

Please just tell me why i get suspended and how i can open my account? i have more then 300$ on account.

I have 410+ Good feedback and 0 poor feedback
Please just tell me why and lets fix the problem.
i want work on gameflip again

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Wow!! The same thing just happened to me I just came back from shipping a game to a buyer and when I went on app to tell him I couldn’t it says my account suspended and lastnight my husbands account got suspended for selling we both have money on our account also please keep me posted and I will as well

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i hope my account open
i need my account and need my money !

i hope your account get open to

Hey guys PM me information about your account so I can check those for ya.

Send me your invite code or the phone number used to register your Gameflip account.


@DarkKnight my Account got Banned for (Conducting sales of forbidden items such
as counterfeit items and/or stolen items) of which I never sold counterfeit item or stolen item I was warned for forbidden items and I did my best to listen then after my account got banned payments for almost $3k delta airlines gift card that I sold successfully with no problems and good reviews got cancelled :disappointed: I lost my money and my account please do something I still have other funds in the account please help me my profile code is H35CVS below is the image please help me unsuspend it my whole body system is down currently I’m shedding tears typing this please don’t leave me like this would appreciate if everything gets resolved

Hello @Jacobkip!

I have verified your account and I can see that you received various warnings for selling forbidden gift cards in the marketplace. So after receiving the first warning you should have stopped and verified what was allowed to not have any issues.

As informed in the following link, this is the list of the currently authorized non-gaming gift cards in the Gameflip marketplace:


Now, regarding the suspension, I suggest you to contact the Support Team and verify what can be done ok.

Feel free to contact the support team using the link below:

Godspeed! :trident:

I I already did but I was told my sales were revoked and refund to buyers which is totally unfair becaise they paid for these gift cards and payment was successful and trade completed they used all my cards already and there was no dispute in asking for my remaining balance from other cards to be given to me the support seems manipulative with their response I have almost $1900 they can’t take all there were some cards o sold that had no warning please help me appeal I need funds from those I know they canceled only delta sales they should let me withdraw from others please and unbann my account they keep saying they won’t please help appeal I’ve appealed so many times they keep saying they won’t unbann I just need my funds that have been there before delta sales back please

Hello @Jacobkip,

Unfortunately, I’m not able to help in this case, since this was already verified by the Support Team.

You can feel free to check with the Support Team once again and see what can be done ok.

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello sir,

So my account was recently suspended for “Asking for personal info” or something along the lines of that, but I can assure you I have never once asked someone for their info unless it was their username for me to give them their items, or I have done roblox services before to boost their account (Level up in a game) when they find out it requires me to log into their account the ask me to cancel and I do, I can send screenshots of this. I have never done anything wrong and would really hope to start selling again.

My user is the same as my account since I cannot get to my invite code.

Thank you your friend,

Hello @qt_Hail!

I have verified your account and can see that you received a first warning related to requesting personal information (login) on 03/02.

Then, you received a ban for the same reason for having a listing requesting personal information (login).

Here is the description that was on your listing:

" I will get you to max level GPO, I will need access to your acc and will be 14-24 hours of grinding to get too max, Will also include Buso haki v2"

Keep in mind that requesting personal information is forbidden on Gameflip and since you already received a temporary ban, another listing like this could result in the permanent suspension of your account.

Your suspension will last until 05/14 .

Godspeed! :trident:

@DarkKnight My account was released shortly and I withdrew and started selling again but unfortunately I tried to supply codes now to buyer but it says banned for selling forbidden gift cards again please help me I really need gameflip in my life please let me be free to sell please tamper justice with mercy my profile code is XU4B7E

Hello, my account got suspended do you entering the wrong security password too many times. I was in an area with bad service and thought that my phone was not registering my submission, but it was. My code is DSM6XV.

Hello @Ernesto3030!

I have verified your account and removed the suspension ok.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello @Jubrilas!

I have verified your account and can see that you received various warning for selling Applebee’s gift cards.

In this case, after the first warning, you should not have continued selling.

Feel free to contact the support team using the link below and see what can be done regarding the suspension ok.

Godspeed! :trident:

You are a Saint thank you. Much appreciated.

Not a problem @Ernesto3030!

Hope you have an awesome day!

Godspeed! :trident: