Account suspended. Purchased item still under review.

Hello all. I’m new here and am pretty dang frustrated.

I tried to purchase a digital code for MARIO odyssey last night and it’s still pending review.

I noticed game flip wants a lot of unusual information to complete my purchase. Picture of Id, me holding the Id, mobile phone statements and pictures of my credit card…

I provided what I legally can (can’t give a copy of my gov phone record/statement).

How do I get my account reinstated and purchase approved?

We all have done the verification. Otherwise there is no way to gurantee that it is you purchasing it inspite of it being you who purchased it. It is for protecting both the seller and the buyer.

A picture of your ID and you holding your ID allows facial verification.
I really doubt that gameflip would want pictures of your credit card . and it doesn’t make sense.

Your account is on hold till verification is carried out and then you’ll be free to purchase more with fewer / no more hurdles

I can’t re upload any new verification documents because my account is suspended.

Long story short, I sent in a picture of my middle finger which got me suspended. I cannot legally submit a picture of my mobile phone statement, yet it’s required by game flip to purchase…

I don’t understand why this is happening. I just want the dang game code that i paid for!

The picture of the credit card was sent in already.

And why would you do that? Do you know the concept of Doctrine of Clean Hands?

For your info.
Clean hands , sometimes called the clean hands doctrine or the dirty hands doctrine, is an equitable defense in which the defendant argues that the plaintiff is not entitled to obtain an equitable remedy because the plaintiff is acting unethically or has acted in bad faith with respect to the subject of the complaint.

I would suggest @DunnBiscuit or @Tali may be able to help you out. I wish you luck in your endevours and let this be a reminder of how your actions can affect interactions with people and their replies.


I sent in a picture of my middle finger which got me suspended

Check if you received a suspension email from Gameflip, and whether it states the duration of the suspension.

You can appeal the suspension by creating a support ticket. In the invite code part if you are unable to get it then just put a random 6 character code, then in the description form put in the phone number you registered on Gameflip, which the admins can use to look up your account.

If you browse the forums a few more minutes, you’ll be able to use the private message feature to contact a moderator. Again, in the private message put the phone number you registered on Gameflip so the admins can look you up.

Yeah I submitted a ticket. I’m hoping to hear back from them soon. #389761

There was no duration on the suspension e mail.

Right now I’m just praying this site isn’t a scam.

The Site isn’t a scam , but there have been instances of scammers using the site to defraud others buyers / sellers but their numbers are on the decline. However there are decent / reputed sellers here who have high reputation and sell value based products here.

Keeping my fingers crossed. I’m feeling pretty uneasy about a digital purchase (I’m the buyer) being under review for close to 18 hours now.

MODS: Please unlock my account so i can provide the correct information to verify my identity.

Looks like my order was cancelled… by GF.

What’s the deal with account reinstatement?

I DM’d the mods, and put in a support request. How do I fix this?

Your order was canceled because you wouldn’t be able to complete the transaction since you got suspended.
Your suspension is a 7 days one, you need to send a ticket after Jan 3rd so we can evaluate your suspension.
And please don’t do this again.

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I’ve replied to the ticket. Please let me know what you need from me to reinstate my account.


Ticket answered.

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