Account suspension .

So I was suspended for “spamming same listing with different amount”. The person who is in charge of the ticket said we decided to suspend your account because we warned you and you didn’t listen while he only sent an email that I didn’t see and he didn’t even send a warn to my Gameflip where I would have seen it like other times I got warned I always get a notification on Gameflip that I got warned and do something about it. I tried to message him to Appeal it because I find it unfair and a lot of other sellers do same thing then he said we only look into cases that more than 2 people report it. He said you got warned twice while I only got warned once and I told him that I didn’t get the warn and explained to him my situation and that the person reported me swore at me and was very rude and disrespectful and said that he will slap me. Sent him the profile of the person and told him everything and he said when you are unbanned then we can look into this issue I told him to check logs of comments he left under my posts since it got deleted and he ignored. I explained that I follow the rules and I list according to the latest info provided by some staff on here which was to post and purge within 24 hrs and that there is no such a thing as the control of time between each posts of same thing but different quantity and that I can just take the listing off. Honestly I am so disappointed with what he said and I asked him to talk to high staff like dark knight and once again ignores. really bad service and didn’t help at all.

Please help with this issue @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @staff @moderators
That’s the person that scared to slap me and swore at me.
You can also see he proved my point of purging every 24 hrs.

I will attach his Gameflip profile

hey , on this screenshot for example you have 20 listings of 1x snowblower toboggan, you cover almost all 1st page with your listings, do you think this is fair? @Sxnsive

And how would you comment this screenshots with ponys? You spam with pony boxes and ponys ( every hour you post like 15 listings ( it’s like 150 listings until 10 hours ) you can use search and check how my of your listings you put) ,why you put 25x box like 50 times every day, same with neon lions , neon ponys , 2x white , 4x brown , etc ( all your listings = Spam)

There is a limit for listings and I am following that. Latest update for rules was to post and purge within 24 hrs and I am complying with that, never heard about that new warn. I don’t sell on only roblox and I sell other stuff in other games and there is no such a thing as putting a time interval between different listings quantity. Not my problem tbh that you got warned and then trying to get me and airex banned, now you done your part I will do my part and the stuff you wrote under my listings and airex’s will surely be checked by staff and dealt with in the right way.

I love to see when Gameflip bans spammers. You litter the site by preventing other sellers from working honestly, and then cry that you have been banned.

For account suspensions and spamming questions, please send a ticket to the support team using the link below or send us a DM (For me and DarkKnight)

Thank you.

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