Add Support for Dunkin Gift Cards on GameFlip

Just a suggestion if you guys can add support on Gameflip to buy and sell “Dunkin” gift cards? You already have Starbucks but Dunkin would be a great addition since we have over 1000+ locations in the NYC Metro area and many people including myself visit to get their daily coffee and latte’s. Anyway you can add a tile for Dunkin so gift cards can be sold and purchased?

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They add specific categories based on popularity and having sufficient seller supply. Since we don’t have too many Dunkin listings, they won’t add a dedicated section for it. Gameflip is a marketplace, not the actual gift card vendor.

I understand what you mean, I just them want them to give approval for the ability to buy and sell them. We don’t have much of them on the marketplace because they are not on the approved list that can be sold on Gameflip.

I was wondering if they can add “Dunkin” to the CURRENTLY ALLOWED NON-GAMING GIFT CARDS List.

Oh interesting…I didn’t know anything besides those cards are forbidden. I’ve seen plenty of other types in the Other section and assumed the category was just there because sellers sell those types frequently on here.

Hello ,

Have you suggested it to Support?

You could make a ticket to Support regarding your suggestion. They will always reply, just whether it takes long or not.

You could report them to Support if they sell non-gaming gift cards that are not allowed. It’s agaisnt the rules to sell those.
Do take note that those are only for ‘Non-Gaming Gift Cards’ Does not apply to gaming gift cards like Roblox cards under ‘Others’ section.

I already asked support and created a ticket a few days ago, they said that they forwarded the suggestion to the team and marked the ticket as solved and never heard anything back. That is why I came here to the forum to see if they can add “Dunkin” cards to the approved Non-Gaming Gift card list or get some insight if we can sell and buy them in the future, they already have Starbucks and Dunkin would be a great companion.


Well, that means your suggestion has already been seen. Depends on them if they want to add it or not in the future.

Forums can’t help you get it approved since Mods would probably just foward it to their Gameflip team as well but people will be able to see your topic here and some people might be interested too. If many people do suggest to Support regarding that, it probably will have a higher chance.

Yeah, I do agree with that. Goodluck

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I’d really like to see other gift cards allowed in the other section. I miss random but useful gift cards I used to buy like Dollar Shave Club, PF Chang’s, Ticketmaster, etc.


Are we finally allowed to sell “Dunkin” Gift cards on Gameflip? Any Mod can clarify?

I see this person made a listing using the link below

No. If it’s allowed, they will update on the list under ‘Currently Allowed Non-Gaming Gift Cards’

I am sure that the seller is new to Gameflip based on his/her join date and do not know about this.

From the link - Any other gift card not listed here and privately labeled credit or debit cards including but not limited to Vanilla Visa Cards and Amazon Store Credit Cards are strictly forbidden from the marketplace.

I would also like to sell Dunkin gift cards hopefully Gameflip will put it on the list

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Gameflip Team and Mods, Any updates if you can finally allow us to Buy and Sell “Dunkin” Gift Cards? We already have a few people interested. Anyway you can add them to the Approved List to be Sold on the Marketplace?

Would make a great companion drinking a Iced Latte from Dunkin while playing some Games :wink: We already have Starbucks now lets get Dunkin on that list!

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I personally think it’s relatively safe to allow any gift card of any kind that follows the Amazon approach of redeeming a code and locking in the balance into the redeemed account on top of the allowed GCs. I know a couple sellers were selling Dollar Shave Club $125 gift card and those were locked into an account. I can rest easy knowing that someone else with the card details can’t redeem it now. Something for the mods to consider. What I like about Starbucks, Target, Uber, and Amazon is that there are mechanisms to prevent bait and switch practices by the seller.

Dunkin also has a safety mechanism, once you enter the gift card number and pin into your DD Perks account on your phone (App similar to the one Starbucks has) It cannot be removed or transferred from your account. I go to Dunkin everyday and use the app, they scan the QR code on the phone and money is deducted from your wallet. Everything is very similar to the Starbucks app. I’m just surprised they still don’t have Dunkin on the allowed list here. We have hundreds of them here where I live.

Any updates from Gameflip Management regarding “Dunkin” being added to the Approved List to Buy/Sell? They are in extremely high demand here in the Eastern part of the USA even more popular than Starbucks since we have more “Dunkin” than Starbucks. Would help Gameflip a lot with business and drive more people to the site and increase site profits. How about it, we already have a few people very interested and Starbucks will have a companion and a Iced Latte or cold brew coffee while Gaming is a nice treat :wink: @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom hope you can talk with your team to get them added to the approved selling list, would be a great way to save some money on all the Latte’s and Coffee’s I drink at Dunkin?

Thanks Guys!

Hello speedz84,

I’m not sure if this has already been discussed with the team before, but I will double-check with them and will let you know.