Adopt Me trademark, Terms of Service

This is frustrating. All of my images listed were deleted because of the terms of service of Gameflip that suddenly come up. Please fix this, I didn’t violated anything, I made my own creation just to make my store look appealing and unique to others store.

I can even prove it to you!

I don’t think I’m violating any of those Terms Of Service since I’m always a fair person. Please fix this, ASAP!

You have violated copyright by using a copyrighted image.

Umm, is it considered as copyright if I snipped the image from the game itself and make some borders and more?

Any use and editing of the image is considered copyright infringement.

Umm, I saw other sellers that used the same image


Yes, any use of the ‘Adopt Me!’ Trademark can result in a warning.

@Osc3r_dev @Imelior Thank you both of you for your response. I appreciate it <3

No worries.

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