Allow Withdrawing to UK and other EU Bank Accounts


I am personally from the UK and I know that selling other major sites that are similar to gameflip are usually a pain, however they usually offer withdrawing to UK and EU bank accounts, something gameflip, in my opinion, must have.

I would love this, and I am sure lots of other people would if PayPal/Bitcoin isn’t a viable option!


Thanks for your feedback! Since all of our Credit Card payments and Bank withdraws go through Stripe, we are at liberty of there capability and features. Right now since we only support USD, we can only be allowed to withdraw to US banks.

As for what you can do now is withdraw to PayPal and then withdraw your PayPal balance into your bank account. I know this is one extra step, but a workaround at least for the time being.

Do you think any time in the future my request could happen?


Unfortunately I don’t think anytime soon with all the other priorities we have at the moment. But it’s not completely out of the question at a later time.