An alternative withdrawal method should be added urgently.

After withdrawing money from Gameflip to Payoneer, Payoneer converts the local rate with almost 3% difference. It’s a really annoying issue and it’s a shame Gameflip ignores it. It was really not nice that you deleted Wise instead of bringing innovations.

Since you are already paying almost $1000 more in Bitcoin payments than the current market rate, you send less BTC to the sellers. We lose almost $100 with every BTC withdrawal.

And you also added partner fee.

You say you’ve been working on this problem for years, but you’ve never brought anything new.

I am one of Gameflip’s top sellers. And I’ve been a seller for almost 6 years. But unfortunately, Gameflip no longer provides a profitable service for sellers. And I’m really sorry about that. While other sites offer much more affordable fees and low-commission withdrawal options, Gameflip does not ease the burden of paying the fees of its sellers.

Many of my seller friends are even considering stopping their gameflip sales because the profit margin has dropped so much.Sellers with low profit margins don’t even make a profit anymore.

An official will probably respond to this issue by saying that we are working on this issue and will bring innovations, just like we have for years.

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higher fees, higher listing prices, less consumers.
Also they should add Litecoin as cashout option.

They always use a inflated rate in BTC, 3% at least. So sketchy.

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this is true. Almost every time I withdraw money with bitcoin, for example, if the bitcoin market rate is $63,000, they pay out $64,300. So they send less bitcoin. Every time I withdraw money with bitcoin, I have to wait for the exchange rate to reach the point where gameflip sent it to cash out my btcs, and this takes days.

These problems have existed for years. They always say they are working on a new method. But they never add a new method. The only innovation they made was to delete wise.

I’m still trying to be loyal with Gameflip but I guess they don’t care about us. New sellers leave again after seeing withdrawal commissions.

And if it continues like this, I will probably have to go to other sites because even though I made nearly 1000 sales in a month, I almost couldn’t make a profit.


There was a similar topic here recently, but it seems to have been deleted :thinking:

I really hope they will put wise back again.its the best.

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The best thing is stablecoin. Wise does not support all countries.

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I really liked Wise when I did my first withdrawal (and it also had the lowest commission), it’s sad that they deleted it.

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For those of you who used Wise as a withdrawal method, how are you doing now? I need tips :frowning:

i havent sell anything yet.

same for me lol