Antispam system

Hey every one, i need some info. cos it’s rly big problem for me.
How often i can create orders with api? new system blocked me everytime when i on my api, and after that i can’t do anything. i can’t comment and answer to my buyers , i can’t confirm delivery. how to use api now ? How to create orders with slow speed on my api .? i don’t know nothing about that rly…
thanks everyone who can help me. my code TM2YTF! after using api like 1-2 mins i see this error and can’t do anything .уйцуцйуйц|503x206

How often we can create orders and didn’t get a ban - 1 per 30 seconds. or 1 per minute, it’s very important, bcs i have like 700 orders, and if i can create just 1 per minute, i will need 12 hours to post all . it’s extremally slow .

Update. Today posted 1 offer per minute. get blocked on 4 hours. After that posted 1 offer per 2 minutes. don’t get block but to create 700 offers i need 1400 minutes.

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