Any contact info?

Anyone have any legitimate contact information for Gameflip? An address or a fax number? I have a lawsuit being filed for Gameflip allowing stolen merchandise to be sold and ignoring requests for refunds and fighting it with my bank. So my lawyer needs a place or fax number to send the documents as it is a few thousand dollars in transactions and the “help desk” email employees like to beat around the bush. Thanks in advance!

Hello @Todd_G,

This is a question for @DunnBiscuit most likely.

I have checked Gameflip’s ‘About Us’ section, and found this:

I hope this helps you.

Perfect! Thank you! You’ve done more to help out than anyone else has haha. I have emails from a seller literally admitting to selling stolen products on GF and vudu customer support cross referencing the titles I’ve bought here and 90% of them have been removed and flagged as stolen. And of course customer service goes ghost after my attorney gets involved. Thanks again!

It doesn’t pertain to copyright infringement. But it’s an address so I’ll take it haha. Thanks!

Hello @Todd_G,

That is fine! As said, a moderator or higher-up staff should provide more accurate and correct information.

It is not what I would personally like to help with, but I’m glad to help other Gameflip buyers and sellers!

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