Any New Codes ?

it looks like there was a code allcj23 but it says it’s not active anymore just after i got the notification.

What codes are we talking about? I’m just new here)

JUL123 10% off max $2

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I got a notification for ingame item code but i lost it. Does any one know it?

I don’t but if you did have it go to settings - Notifications - Advanced Settings - Notification History

All your recent closed notifications should be there…


ALLCAJU23 10% off

IGAUG23 for 12% off gift card purchases but it just says wrong category when I try

Any new discount codes?



ACT FAST, as usual

I got a new code a minute ago and when I clicked the notification it went away??? Anyone have the new code?

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I just lost the code of today, sad man

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Anyone have the coupon code for today that just dropped?

Been a while since I used Gameflip, but people used to post current promos here… last post was Oct 5? So guessing this is not how to find new codes anymore?

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If you’re using an android phone and would like to retrieve notification history go to settings - Notifications - Advanced Settings - Notification History. Apple users, I dunno


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Fyi there was a Black Friday code that has since expired BWEEK23 Which worked for %20 off on Friday

where did you get the coupon code? I was looking for gameflip codes on black friday but I couldn’t find a code anywhere

So I have the iOS app and push notifications turned on for any alerts. Pretty much every day around 12pm-1pm EST they send out coupon codes with limited uses. Thats how I got the Black Friday coupon deal