Any possible way to stop people from selling Accounts? + My Suggestion + Just Some Sharing

It is agaisnt the rules to sell accounts based on I report those who sell accounts but they keep coming everyday. The thing is that people actually buy them within 12 hours so most likely they get scammed after the buyers give them a good rating.

Someone who posted yesterday and sold within 6 hours of listing it on Roblox section -

Someone just posted this on Roblox section -
He is also selling fortnite account for $150. I really hope no one gets scammed by him.

Some sellers wait till they can get paid out before recovering their accounts so buyers cannot do anything. The second link shows a person who just created a gameflip account just to sell the Roblox account. If they do not get reported and sucessfully withdrew the money/ buyers giftcards with the money then recovers account, if buyer reports or sends a ticket to support after that, then it would be too late already.

I am just writing this so if new people who read this can know that they shouldn’t buy accounts because people selling those are agaisnt rules. This doesn’t affect me but I don’t like the fact that their selling agaisnt the rules. I do report them to support but I can’t possibly report every day of every account seller.

My Suggestions/Personal Opinions - Do not allow the word ‘Account’ in Listings. As in Ban the word usage of ‘Account’ so no one can put it in description/title. There is no reason to put ‘account’ inside description/title unless he/she is selling one. It would help a LOT because there wouldn’t be much words to replace account.

I have already made a ticket to support suggesting it. Ticket ID - #555370
This is just to share my opinion. Thanks.

Thanks to whoever is spending time to Read this. Have a Good Day :slight_smile:

Hey @Sparkling_Juice,

Thank you for your feedback.

We appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback.
We’ll make sure to pass along the suggestion to the team and see what we can do.

God Speed! :trident:

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