Any way to prevent the public from seeing “sold” listings on your profile?

After something is sold, it continues to appear on my public profile for 4-5 weeks. Is it possible to hide this from public users?

I don’t think so, Why do you want it deleted?

To prevent certain game platforms admins/moderation in scrutinizing sellers profiles as making virtual game item transactions outside of the games is against many games policies /terms of use.

Which would ultimately result in ban in the actual game/ game platform if they are able seek sufficient evidence from your profile.

well, you can’t hide your latest sold items.

Nope, but if you stop selling for awhile (inactive) , I think your sold items will probably be gone as well.

This is an example from someone I bought an item from 2 weeks ago.

All his 7 items sold were gone.

However, for me, since I do login everyday, even the item I sold 10 months ago is still visible.

That is true but it rarely happens. Majority buys items outside sites too. For example, Roblox. They would be more concerned about the Roblox giftcard codes and scammers instead. They would ban people who redeemed codes that are tagged as ‘Stolen’ etc or Robux that are ‘Stolen’ via scamming expensive Limiteds.

You can give the items using an alt account. That’s the best way to be safer.

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