Any way to sell large number of keys?

Is it possible to send a bot multiple keys and list them all at once? Also, still haven’t gotten my money from the completed “cancelled” sale of my skin.

There’s still a lot more we want to add to the Skins flow, which this feature is one of them. However at the moment, there’s not currently a way. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to add a feature that could help you with this.

That’s cool, also I’ve had 2 skins be listed as sold for several days now. Glad I did bot trade this time instead of that repeating my other issue with the deagle blaze. Is this normal or is the buyer cancelling payment?

What we are seeing is that Buyers who get their purchases put Under Review are impatience and/or don’t know what this means and keep canceling and re-buying. We are currently working on a more efficient way to make things more automated for verification checks while keeping the security measures in place.

Interesting, is there any way to directly contact the buyer and relay that?

Unfortunately not. This is in place for your protection as well. When a purchase does go Under Review, there is a link to our FAQ section address why the transaction is Under Review to help explain this to buyers.