Bad rating that needs to removed

Can someone from moderators remove my bad rating ?


Description says 15 x 3$ so I was specific and this rating is wrong !

Received over 150+ positive rates in last 24 and this really hurts me

@DarkKnight , @MajorTom !

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What a… why he said that, that’s so rude…

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Yeah and it’s red one, I would respect the neutral but still … what kind of person you have to be to write something like this. I feel :worried:

i know that feeling when someone leaves Bad comment like this Eww those people are bad…:frowning:

and I gave him positive one :frowning:

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It’s okay bro, all know that you are a good store don’t listen to your haters…there a lot of haters around us so its ok :confused:

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Thanks a lot for support Adam.

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i will support you anytime bro i will be there! :blush:

Hello Wayz_Shop,

After further checking this, I have removed the rating for you.

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