BAN on my account

I did not want to cheat anyone, since I’m a reseller thought the application first gave me the money and then the product, I usually do so sorry for the inconvenience so i would like my account to be active.
a guy is still writing to me I can not answer it and cancel her order because of the suspension

Hi @Crs_Dany could you please open a ticket describing your situation?

i try to sell xbox fifa 18 account but the site blocked me and I cant sell nothing, I have account suspended

Selling accounts is prohibited, I always warn xbox sellers about this, but it seems that they ignore me and they list more accounts. When they get suspended, they come here and complain. I wish that your account will remain suspended to be a example for other sellers that sells accounts,beta codes or random keys…

Life like water glass and u gonna drink from that glass sooner or later :slight_smile:

Can I get my account checked I had $240 in it and I’m not aware of any rules that I have broken?

Have you tried to contact support? If so, what’s the ticket number?

I tried and they said said I’d been Involved in fraud apparently when I’m not aware of doh g any such thing… I can give you my account Username and email if it helps… the annoying this is the support didn’t give any explanation they just closed the case and banned the account I made The ticket on.

Even though the account was a brand new account with no activity on it seems kinda ridiculous.

Hey guys, I need help I still have about 79-89 dollars on my account and it got suspended because I requested for a verification code too many times. Does someone know how I can get this resolved?

Hey guys, please PM me and send your invite code so I can help you guys further thanks!

I can’t send PMs and I have a major issue like this !!