Bitcoins addfunds have big problems.

Hello, add fund via Bitcoin have really big problem.
Last days I tried few times and some of were successful some of were failure but mostly it was failure.
We lose money and time while we are trying to refund always. Please fix this. Regards.

$353.76 refund from Gameflip
$353.76 refund from Gameflip ( again was refunded. )
$735.66 refund from Gameflip
$458.28 refund from Gameflip
$182.91 refund from Gameflip

Today I tried too much times add fund with Btc I had too much fail also, and I lost some money… They should fix it.

yes it is problem for me also

The Bitcoin network has been facing delays. Since bitcoin is an autonomous & anonymous network, each user can set the blockchain fee (auction style) for confirmation.

If your wallet pays low fee, it takes a long time for the transfer to confirm, which will result in a refund. This site tracks fee and processing time.

I suggest that you increase your transfer fee for faster confirmation by the bitcoin network. I use wallet, and it allows you to set the fee you want to pay (in advance section). Some wallets may not do that, so you would need to ask.

Bitcoin Network Fee Policy = Priority

FEE: 0.00054684 BTC

The payment failed and was refunded.
this is not normal !

As of this writing the fastest fee is around 120 satoshi/byte or more, and it looks like your transaction is 512 bytes or 61,440 satoshi or 0.00061440 BTC. Since you’re paying 0.00054684 (or 106 satoshi/byte), which currently facing some delays according to

The problem is the wallets are often slower to adapt the fee to speed things up.


226 (bytes)
FEE: 0.00027142 BTC

The payment failed and was refunded… why ?

For past payments, you’d need to know what fee gets through at the time (it fluctuates quite a bit). Otherwise, no one can tell (a reason why Bitcoin keeps things anonymous)

What I often do is monitor the number of confirmations on the network on the blockchain. I spoke to a number of people, and they tend agree that the higher amount of the transaction, the more confirmations are needed before the transaction is accepted. Obviously, the more confirmations, the longer it takes.

I’m not saying there isn’t a problem with Gameflip, but they use Stripe (which uses Coinbase for BTC I believe), so it’s not like an unknown bitcoin provider.

I found this recent article (dated Jan 25, 2017) which describes how the BTC network slowed to a halt. With $0.55 miner fee, it still took 17 hours to confirm. It’s unfortunate as there’s so much promise in this currency.