Boom-Games scammer

So if anyone is wondering why all the big resale greysites have taken down Farming Sim 19 recently allow me to introduce you all to Stefan/Boom-Games. Stefan is a 17 year old from Serbia who perports to have a connection inside the customer service department over at Giants who can reverse used keys. Now normally, this would probably be awesome for someone who’s looking to get one copy of something for cheap. However, the issue with this lies in that it’s A) Illegal B) means that your key is not being used by you and you alone and C) if you’re buying keys off this guy there’s a good chance that your key is also in someone’s inventory because Stefan of Boom-Games (henceforth refered to as BG) just occasionally goes through his list and basically renews the keys (or his purported assistant allegedly does. Attached are snips of the 3 day conversation I had with this merchant, who sold me 525$ worth of keys that were good, yet not. Remember folks, there’s a reason to keep the comms up on this site and despite it being a little bit more expensive sometimes good to chose that Business option on Paypal.

Hello. I agree with you. About 1-2 days ago I bought farming simulator 19 key and I activate it, but when you install it says - “expired limit of activation”. I wrote to this guy, but he played PUBG all day (I looked on his steam profile from his “about me” on gameflip). He ignored me few hours, so I opened a dispute. After 40 minutes he give me other key and ask me close transaction and rate him. But this key was with “expired limit of activation” too…I write him this information, but he still ignore me. I analized that he sells same keys for everyone buyer… Its pretty unfair. Keys of farming simulator have limit of activation, so if one guy use it, other guy can it use too, but first guy waste activation. Each key can use on one PC or device and has limit of activation. He is real scammer.

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Glad to hear someone else’s experience. He knows what he’s doing he just doesn’t care. There’s more conversation and he clearly is just some kid in Serbia who’s stealing people’s money and basically trolls you when you ask for a refund or tell him you’re having issues with the keys.

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Can you send me this user profile so I can investigate this report further?


I can no longer see it but I’m not sure if that’s because he blocked me:

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Its because he is suspended


Ah thanks, for for the reply Wayz :slight_smile:

New scammer, looks like a twink of Boom-Games. He also sells used key of Farming Simulator 19 or key with error “activation failed. limit of activations has been reached”. Its very suspicious activity, because price of this game very cheap and activation key has same issues like in case with BOOM-Games.

Profile of seller

Pls take actions.

Also I have an open dispute with this seller

Order ID faffe18d-3a79-43b0-95a0-1166b3eea6ed

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FYI Boom Gamers aka “Stefan” is a Serbian teen, I got hit with his first round of s

cams through Farming Sim. Luckily Paypal refunded me the 525 USD I lost due to his scams (not including the amount i lost in chargebacks after having to issue refunds). But it wasn’t a pleasant process. Attached is a pic of his steam profile in case he tries to send you keys through steam.

Thanks a lot.
But It seems hiw alternate account or not?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I won’t speculate on if he is someone or isn’t because I don’t have enough info. My two cents was IF it is Boom Gamer here are his details and these are the things you need to be aware of. I will say that Boom Gamer was selling them for like 5$ though (which in retrospect should have been a good indicator). His other auctions seem around the right price for other goods so that’s kinda working towards his legitimacy but still, not enough for me to comment.