Bulk Withdraw Feature

So i bought about 30 csgo key and its hassle to withdraw it 1 by 1… Somehow we nee a feature for Bulk Withdraw for same items!?

It exists at least on destop. Take the items off sale ( can also be done bulk from on sale page) and go to the draft page and select return all items. It’ll usually return about 5 at a time for me, sometimes many more.

i mean bot trade same items on bot… for example 1 bot trade 30 same items!

up for this

Hey, this is kinda hard to do. You may receive a trade offer with many items from one bot, but it depends if that bot has received the items you bought. If not, you will receive a trade offer from every bot that has the items you chose.

For now, there is no way of changing that.

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i hope we have feature like this in the future…

A small edit on what I said.

After confirming with the responsible team, unforntunately we can only retrieve 1 item per trade offer.

So we can list a max of 100 items per offer, and retrieve 1 item per offer.

Sorry for the confusion, regards.

so when we try sell 10 item it CAN with just 1x trade bot, then when we want return (same item same bot before )item back to us, it must 10X trade bot for 1 trade 1 item right ?

Yep, it works like you said.