Buyer wants that I send the item to a different trade url

Hi, the buyer wants that I send the item to a different trade url (alt account), so I want to know what happen if I send the item and the buyer opens a dispute when is He who is asking that via the sale conversation.

I would like to recommend you to record the whole process of trade. If you feel uncomfortable then cancel the order and block that user in case he try to buy your item again.


Sounds sketchy. If the buyer can’t complete the transaction through the normal method, I would cancel and block.

The buyer could, I made the sale already and no problem but my doubts remains… what happen if the buyer doesn’t confirm the deliver and wants his money back?
What the staff support will do? If you have the proofs of everything, also the staff can check that the buyer is who ask for that in the sale’s conversation.

The problem is because csgo items are blocked trade after trade and I understand that multiaccount is a normal thing.

Always leave a buyer to write comments in sold item, with his new trade url etc. I sold many skins with a different trade link to a buyer and never had a problem, just in case record, take screenshots so you have proof is something will go wrong.


I think it depends.If he has new account you should be carefull.

I would highly suggest to never do that unless he comments the new steam URL in the comments of the sold listing.