Buyer's fraud P3GGY - Nintendo gift card

I sold Nintendo $70 eGift card to P3GGY a few days ago.

After less then 24 hours after the sale the buyer had filed the dispute with zero preliminary communications claiming the code was bad.

I submitted the receipt for the card. However, this is what Gameflip support had asked:
"Please provide us evidence that the code was valid before the exchange had taken place and an invoice for it and proof ", Support ticket 666376

Gameflip support should be well aware that Nintendo does not provide such information online, so it’s puzzling they ask for it.

I was able to call Nintendo support at 1-800-255-3700, provided them with the first 8 characters and they confirmed the card had been redeemed with the timestamp just after the card had been sent via Digital vault.

It’s a clear evidence of buyer fraud

Nintendo also has the name, serial number, and the name of the person who used the code - but they won’t give it to me for the confidentially reason.

GameFlip support has that info and they can call Nintendo and verify details I can’t - I urge them to do that

Hey I as buyer having similar issue with PYfantasy, still has not answer .e, I put the transaction on hold five minutes after purchase, code was used, I used coupon and though seller has high feedback has not responded me, so this is not just a one way issue with seller it piss me off because I feel scammed, giving the seller the doubt that the code was somehow scam if the seller is a reseller, but I bet in my case, just the timestamp will proof I purchase it and it was already redeem before, since I acted fast but now I have to sit and wait for seller respond and either give me working code or refund and loose the coupon that I used to save $5 :confused: if ur case is true hope u have no issue but again have to comment because I am having same issue but has the buyer with nintendo giftcard ($50)

Hello @Speculator,

Please contact Nintendo through their chat, even if they do not provide the information requested.

Just make sure you send screenshots of the chat with them requesting the information and provide the evidence to the Support Team.

Unfortunately, since we are not the original buyer of the code, we have no way of requesting further information regarding the code. That is why the Support Team requests the seller for more information.

So please reply to the Support Team accordingly and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

God Speed! :trident: