Buying Beyond Good and Evil for PS3

I’m looking to buy Beyond Good and Evil for the PS3. I’m willing to spend up to the price that is listed by GameStop (10.00). This is only if all parts of the game are intact (Like New Quality). As the quality decreases, so will how much I’m willing to pay for it till the base amount of 3.00 for the least quality if it get’s to that point.

Thank you for your time,

If I come across a copy I’ll let you know.

As a side note, I love how GameStop doesn’t factor in an items condition (CiB, Partial, or Disc Only) when they price their inventory. The artwork and manual matter just as much as the condition of a disc to many people. You can always resurface a disc, but it can be a real pain to track down the manual and artwork sometimes.

For a while they had a horrible policy of putting their stickers directly on a title’s artwork beneath the protective plastic of a case. Removing one without damaging the cover art was all but impossible…

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Thanks and yeah, it was a pain just to try to get the sticker off. Still is to get it off the plastic (working on that for a couple of games I want to sell right now actually) but it’s better then running the art.

So yeah, to me it’s worth more with everything intact, otherwise I don’t really think it’s worth the price of 10.00 if it’s just a CD in an envelope ya know?

Also, and unrelated to what you said @Cts_GameFlip beeches I just figured out something, I do realize that Amazon is selling the physical copy as 20.00 or more depending on the system. To answer this point if anyone is wondering, the reason why I’m saying only the GameStop price is what I’m wanting to work off of because that’s the prices that GameFlip is trying to beat (A) and those guys are trying to sell new copies (B). New, to me, means you bought the game and it’s still in the plastic and has not been opened. If it’s been opened, it can still be called new if it’s barely been used. But if it’s been used enough, it’s Like New or lower quality. If the thing is brand new, then we can talk price, but I’m not going to shell out 20.00 just for a “good” game ya know?

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