Can somebody please help me out .

I bought 2 times Pubg Pgi crates from 2 different sellers and the code what i receive is wrong and they claim that

'Look this is login key when you rate up you will receive a link on your mail from our bot when you enter link you will be required to enter key you got here after entering it you will receive your real key we are doing this for people that don’t rate us ’

Is this a scam as i open a dispute as the code isn’t valid what i receive.

Shall i rate up and i will get the key or is just a scam?

And what shall i do to recieve my money back as the other one cancel the tranzaction but the money didn’t return .

Thats a scam, open a dispute

Yeah, i open one , the website is full of scams then. why are admins not checking this? now i will have my money stuck. they having so many fake PGI Pubg Crate to sell.

ye pubg crates are full of scams. Even some sellers gives you the code which has already been used. Against these kind of sellers its hard to prove that you are the victim. Because they pretend to be like a victim