can someone help

ok so my mate posted a instagram account and it sold so then i told him about how its not aloud and everything and so he canccled the order would he still get banned?

Being you came out and give them a heads up and they removed it they may get a warning.

What do you mean he canceled the item?

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Well somebody bought it but when I told him he cancled the order so I’m wondering i he’ll get banned as he took it down

Like I said they may get a warning if anything.
Being they removed as long as they refund/cancel the order.

Remember account buying or selling is not allowed.
Please tell them to not do it again or risk getting banned.

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So should I tell him he won’t get banned or that he could?

Please tell them to not do it again.

Im not sure what will happening if people reported them or not but being they removed it they may get a warning and worst case they may get Temporary Suspended.

Just tell them to read the ToS to make sure they’re not breaking the rules before doing something again.

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