Can you get ban having multiple accounts selling the same items?

I know its ok to have 2 accounts on gameflip but I’m not sure if its against gameflp TOS to have mulitple accounts selling the same item.

Probably possible.

But if your going to sell the same item on 2 different accounts, the pricing must be the same.
Just curious what would be the point of doing so because it doesn’t really have any benefits.

One concern would be that if the item is only currently listed by 1 seller only or in similar situations, and/or the seller wants to manipulate the pricing , the seller could make 2 accounts to make the price higher/in their favour by making the pricing different etc. (Agaisnt rules)

If you have only 1 of the item, you cannot list 1 in each of your accounts. You can only list what you have. If you have 2 of the same item, you can probably list 1 on each account but what would be the point though. Prices of course must be the same and not different.

Do note if any rules are broken by either of the accounts, both accounts will be affected.

In my opinion something like this should be allowed only when everyone of this accounts are used in different game threads (different games) or eventually to selling different items in the same thread. Another way its not a very good solution because by something like this you can:

  • playing price on 2 fronts (selling on one for normal price and on second for totaly trash price only to stealing all other customers from market
  • you can use API on all this accounts to over spam all most recent pages only Your items. You can make it even by using 1 account but that’s why is limit list. By using a few account its looks like little different and You can take even half list on everyone page and don’t give chance selling other sellers.
  • by using more accounts the same You have more amounts items on top in 'Recomented" tab especially when API is used whole time on all of them

Something like this can making sale that is totally unfair to other sellers and it will be forcing other sellers to making the same more amounts of accounts only for compensate/increase their chance on sale.

Yeah, that’s exactly what’s happening. A seller selling the same item as me has 3 seperate accounts selling the same item causing it to take up my the “recommendation” tab and making my listing further down the list even though I have more sales then all 3 of his accounts combined.

Because people by using API changing name of items on shorter and by this their list of items is on top even if they have worse score and will be that until You don’t make the same name or shorter.

Well thanks for that advice, but I just wish gameflip could implement a quantity list instead of sellers spamming the same post.