Can't sell with coordinated transfer

Hello, recently i have sold a few things with coordinated transfer but now there is no option for coordinated transfer, can someone tell me why I don’t have that option anymore?

What item are you trying to sell? Could you give a complete screenshot of the page with the missing option? Are you using the website, Android app, or iOS app?

Coordinated transfer isn’t available to categories & items that use codes, e.g. gift card. You can’t simply “coordinate transfer” gift card codes.

Hello this is what I see when I try to sell Screenshot_20180711-000023|281x500
And for the last days I sold gift cards with coordinated transfer but now it’s not there

Looks like your screenshot didn’t get uploaded, that link doesn’t do anything. Can you upload again and test view it?

For some reason I can’t but basically anyway I choose to sell I only have the option to send a code but yesterday I had the coordinated transfer option

On website, Android app, or iOS app?

The coordinated transfer option should only be available for In Game Items. For gift cards, if you want to manually deliver the codes, then choose one of the “1/2/3 day(s)” option.

Ok thank you I was doing it via the app but maybe it was a bug and you weren’t supposed to do it

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