can't verify my account HELP!

hello, i’v been using gameflip since 2017 and recently logged on again to sell a vast amount of rl keys,
as i can see now I have to verify myself before selling stuff.
i’v tried to use my ID to do so but i got rejected claimed that: “Information from the document sent doesn’t match the one found within your account information” but I’m really struggling with finding the problem.
the only common thing between the two is the name I think (which is correct at my ID XD).
note: I have an Israeli ID (written in Hebrew), therefore i’v written both my name and it’s corresponding translation just in case but still no success.

any help would be appreciated!

Hey Itay!

Could you please inform your invite code, so I could have a further look?

:trident: New forum moderators!

my code: CMYK77

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