Comcast level support/order processing.

Whats the deal guys? Is everybody out slamming back beers and shoving chicken wings down their throat right now celebrating the superbowl? You guys have always had poor support, but these last few days have been extremely crappy.

You shouldn’t be pushing notifications through the app for sales that you can’t even provide support for. This is a great app and it brings me great anger to see all of these issues. From the unmoderated crappy listings of people not even selling anything. To the Good Will level bargaining comments. To the hateful insulting listings for no reason. To my order or sale sitting there “Under Review?” for 3 days.

All of this stuff is turning people a way. Do you not realize this? I love this app so much and want it to succeed so much I would love to join the crew in some way, shape, or form to HELP.


SERIOUSLY WHAT IS GOING ON??? No word on anything.

As much as I’d love to have a whole team dedicated to customer support, you need to understand that we are still just a small team. As well as we do not work 7 days a week just like any other job. Again I’d love to have a bigger team where we could have the ability where there’d be some overlap to cover all 7 days, but do not as of now. So if you have any issues arise over the weekend, we will always be catching up from the weekend on Mondays.

I’m apologize for not being able to address your issues as quickly as you’d like, but all I ask is that you are patience as we will get to you as quickly as we can and help resolve whatever issue you may have.

I appreciate the reply, but how can you not have at least one person running support on the weekends? Especially with game codes being issued and orders being held for review. It seems my listing and messages are finally getting replies. Prior to this everything was pretty instant and then now here I am with more feedback and about 5 orders/sales “Under Review”. You guys need to start putting warnings on digital items now if that’s the norm.

If you guys are off on the weekend wouldn’t you want to use a digital code you just bought for the weekend? Not when you return back to work.

Dunno this entire scenario is very frustrating.

I absolutely agree with you and trust me, it frustrate me just as much. But just with any start up, there are going to be growing pains as we continue to grow with the resources that we have. As well as if we hire more people, it’s taken out of our bottom line, and we need to be smart when it comes to that.

Just to give you some perspective as well, I personal up until last week, would take care of all customer support tickets (and all of the issues and problem solving around this), forums, moderation/report listings, social media, raffles & promotions, on top of all of the other LiveOps tasks that I have on my plate. I also try my best to look over the weekend to push any under review transactions and withdraws. Just this past weekend I was moving and didn’t a chance to do so.

The reason why I say up until last week, is because we actually just hired a dedicated Customer Support rep to help out (not only to be more on top of CS and moderation, but so I don’t destroy myself haha). And it’s going to take some time to get them all trained and up to speed as well. Because of this, there also may be a dip in response time.

Like I said before, I’d love to be able to have a whole team just dedicated to CS as I take pride in the quality and repose time to tickets, but are doing our best with what we have right now. I’m also aware of some of the other points you addressed, and do have plans for this as well (obviously hiring a dedicated CS rep is just the beginning). Sorry for the long winded response, I just like to be as open and straight forwarded as possible :wink:

I prefer a long winded response. Thank you.

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I feel the same way a little as i just had the same issue. ( not as bad as yours but still doesn’t help.)
I had a buyer buy my steam games but was under review as well for the weekend and now that the review was completed the sale is gone. i dont know if the buyer has canceled the order because it took to long or if gameflip accidentally canceled the games or something else happened.

Hopefully soon things get better and the new guy gets up and running smoothly.
Keep on working BUR! your hardwork will be rewarded soon!

One other thing. I’ve reported tons of posts that have nothing to do with how Gameflip works. A lot of times these posts stay. Should I stop doing this?

Which post are you referring to? Here on the forum, or in the marketplace?

unsure on that too. i think hes talking about on here though.

I was referring to the app. Lots of posts of people saying “I’m looking for this…”

some people typed in a lot of babble and random stuff for the Giveaway entries as 1 of the requirements was to make a post in the forum. so yeah you will see a lot of those even upcoming. They need to add that its gaming related somehow, or reply to a forum post that has already been created you know.

I mean people making listings that are suppose to be selling something yet in their listing they’re looking to buy something or trade.

oh the ones who have it misplaced in the category. yeah that sucks. need higher level people to move them over though.

Wait there’s a “request” category?

what do you mean by that.

Hahahah nevermind. I can see this is going no where.