Complete difference

Why is the app so much better looking on iOS? My friends opened the app and I went through it and I was amazed why on my android it… just doesn’t look that good, doesn’t have all these options…

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Could you please list the things that should be in the Android version? Or give screenshots of what looks good.

The whole shape is much better. Also the wallet menu has so many more options and more info

everything about app is better in ios bro. apple asks developers to optimize and make a better UI before they can be approved

yeah so true, it’s not just the app though, almost about every other app. and this has been a never ending topic in reddit, quora ,apknite, INGbord,etc. as an android user, i always see IOS recieves more attention from the developer. if you have not downloaded many apps outside the defaults, you wont notice the differences

i dont find it’s important, though i do agree it looks a little better in IOS version though

I’ve never owned a product from Apple, and I never will even if it was for free.

But you guys got me curious about this, can we see some screenshots please?