Coronavirus is affecting the stock of gift cards?

There is almost no listings of Psn, Nintendo and so on, whats happening?


hi mate… it seems like not only the gift cards. even those digital in games items having the same issue. low activity and low demand. i think people tend to keep money for necessities due to Coronavirus…


Hard times are coming…

I haven’t been here long, but I can already see the sales have slowed down quite a bit. Thankfully things have still remained steady for me thanks to the onslaught of new sellers coming in and posting ridiculously high prices.

Yes, high demand and very low supply, as it happen prices of selling get high

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Your answer is yes Geronimo, it did affect the supply of gift cards. A lot. My shop is still surviving for now but we had really hard times.

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We all are in the same position, i almost loose my business here…i was on the road to have employees and now barely surviving

I’ve been doing fine,business been picking up on in game items because of everyone being stuck at home,I’ll sell stw items and builds so that might be why,glad I didn’t decide to dive into the gift card business lol

Its very profitable, no one could tell about the coronavirus haha Stw items? im trying to find another income, im from Argentina so…i cant stole you clients XD

What am I missing? How/why did this affect the supply? Is there just that much more people buying them to save money/spend while stuck at home? It seems like if they were making a profit buying/reselling them they’d want to keep doing that to keep their income stream.

Most people are using the money to survive, here in Argentina at least because the people is not working ergo not geting income

I see. I guess I assumed they’d have a separate amount they’d repeatedly invest in the GCs, but maybe not. Thank you for the reply.


Most gift cards from trusted sources are physical @000 people don’t go to the stores so often nowdays that’s your missing link.

“trusted source” lol Yes I know they don’t get them physically, that’s why I was surprised it had an effect.

There’s nothing funny about people going bankrupt 000.

I was clearly laughing at your use of “trusted source” when you sent me a used code a few days ago.