coupon codes.....

is there any coupon code active?

B3INGAME - 20%off

And just a heads up that code is only valid on “in game item” purchases :sunglasses:

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Adding to what RussXB1 said, the item you want to buy must be listed on the correct category otherwise even if it’s a in-game item the code will still not work. So yeah up until now no coupon code for movies, games, gift cards etc.
I don’t think there will be one code today but tomorrow is both Our Lady of Aparecida’s Day and Children’s Day in Brazil, which is a pretty HUGE day on sales perspective so I’m not sure if Gameflip is gonna do something tomorrow but N**vem and similars already started their sales.

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BRAND NEW COUPON: OCT15 for 15% off (maximum discount of $8)!!!

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