Delays in regards to Bitcoin withdrawals

If you surpass you withdraw limit please let me know so I can review your case.

Ok, thanks for the info. Good day.

My btc status withdrawal is Needs approval… My profile code : E9ZF2U

Hello, I saw that your payout is on the way. I believe you will receive it soon. Thanks!

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Yes, ty for your reply. Good day

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Hello, please when are you going to introduce USDT withdrawals ? It’s by far the best way to withdraw through Crypto currency on any platform. I will highly suggest Gameflip adopt this withdrawal method because it is paired against the dollar (stable) and it does not fluctuate like BTC. This will solve the issue of sellers losing funds during withdrawals when the price of BTC drops in the process. Thanks :+1:

Hello, it is being discussed among the team. But as it is on early discussions, there is no ETA on that subject.

Thank you.

Is this issue still ongoing? Made a withdrawal request days ago.bitcoin price has dropped substantially since then…