Dispute with seller Ukeys /suspended newegg account


I have issue with seller “Ukeys” https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:7ea9a434-3140-496d-9339-d7d68bb676dd/ukeys/listings?page=1&start=0

I bought a 1000$ Newegg gift card from him and after redeeming it I placed an order but the order status was “on hold” and after contacting Newegg support i was told that the issue is under investigation

Next day i found that my account is suspended and after conacting support again they asked about gift card source and told me that my issue is under investigation again

I opened a dispute due this and provided all the evidence but i got email from gameflip support asking for screenshots from order history page which i can’t access

I’m afraid that gameflip may think this is lack of evidence from me

Note : someone had the same problem with the same seller in this topic UKeys/Suspended Account

my code : 4KU9ZE

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