Do Disputes Cause Pending Wallet?

I have been getting a lot of disputes lately from idiots who cannot read region locks. I always win them but I am now on a delay for my wallet. I was never on this delay before. Does getting a lot of disputes cause this?

No. I didnt had any disputes for the past 80+ transactions but i currently have a delay on listings for a day (below $10) and 2 days (above $10).

Oh okay thanks. I guess it’s a sitewide change adding delays to longstanding members for whatever reason

So I bought an pre paid bus gift card and was putting it on here then it wasn’t working is I was dumb and kept trying and eventually it said to many failed try’s and turns out the card doesn’t activate until thirty minutes after the purchase so can you unlock my account please

Hello @Defaults_BloodYT,

Your issue has already been solved in another topic.

This topic will be closed.

God Speed! :trident: