@dunnbiscuit helppppp

@dunnbuscuit help fix my account ref code is 5mb25k

Don’t spam forum … One post is enough . @MajorTom @DarkKnight

Sorry about that I’m just worried mintys we’ll sell out

Hello @reet_yeet,

I just checked and you have an alternate account that was suspended for selling forbidden items.

You know that creating or accessing other Gameflip accounts is prohibited for the duration of any suspension right?

I also see that you created two more account in which I have banned as well.

So unfortunately, the suspension is permanent. You should have waited to fix your issue or tried to resolve the ban before creating new unauthorized accounts.

God Speed! :trident:

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Il just make. New one

On a whole news computer

Joan longs my first account suspended forstrong text

Hello @reet_yeet,

Don’t worry…we’ll find that one too.

Unfortunately, you also earned a permanent suspension here as well.

We do not authorize this type of behavior here.

God Speed! :trident:


I have a vpn ■■■■strong text

I just wanna buy a minty pickaxe your a dog

Come onemphasized text

This is me still I add 59 dollar s into your game on my admin game account and you didn’t give me my money back so that makes you a scam website give me my money back I canceled the orders and it said money would be back how long we’ll it take I don’t want to use your website I just wanna my moneystrong text

Scanmerstrong text

This is so obv its same person… Lol never seen “strong text” from 2 diff account on same post :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL! Kids these days :joy::joy::joy: VERY “Smart” this one.

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This is the same account :strong:

■■■■ up russ Edited

Lol you’ll be banned again shortly :joy: