Duplicatiors and Cloners

Too bad there is not a way to regulate the rise of dupers lately, their not even being incognito about it. Just dirty business all the way around. Maybe selling in game items could be regulated like the verified categories on gameflip, however i doubt that will stop them.

Why,makes everything cheaper for the buyers,I’m fine with it,and I’m a seller aswell,I remember a time when I got $20 for 1k sunbeam but I’m not mad about it the way it is now,I think we should all just be happy that your making anything,because in reality,your making money to play videogames and selling in-game items that isn’t even your property ,something you shouldn’t be getting paid for in the 1st place :joy:

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Have to agree to disagree. Buyers risk same ID items getting nuked out the game, thus losing their cash and items. Also the current dupers are not dropping 1k items for $20 bucks, their listing it at 1k ( based on your numbers) so its still not benefiting the buyers.