Eric Peters - SCAMMER

Just beware of this scum, it’s my own fault I got scammed. Just a warning to anyone who wants to transact with this lowlife.

I argued with admin for a while in gameflip, same indifference they showed me, they don’t care that I got scammed and they’re letting that piece of s*** get away with it. It felt like I was talking to an automated response ffs.

Hey, can you give me your request number and the link to this account so I can look into this further?


my account:

Eric Peters account:

transaction link:

order id: e4048fff-ba1e-4ffa-bacd-56e99ecf0e50

Request Number: 90980

USPS tracking 92748999955468543401753712

Thank you :slight_smile:

hola me an scameado hoy

HELP ME :frowning:

Hey @scegfod,

We just checked your issue, but as explained within the ticket, there is nothing that we can do since the transaction is completed.

You should’ve put the transaction on hold, then we’d be able to help you further.

We will investigate his account and take any necessary action if needed.

Hey @TheDarkk01, please contact us at


It’s ok as long as there is something done about his account. ~20$ is nothing, it’s the principle of the thing and so he can’t victimize other people too.