Fake donations for Mother Cancer+ Scamming

This guy is posting fake donations on his profile and the money he gets from it uses to buy Points for Black Ops 4 for Xbox from me + scamming, opening a dispute right after using the code !! Please do something

Transaction id:4786b07b-294e-455b-9dfa-976ff36194dc

This is deleted donation: https://gameflip.com/item/donation-for-my-moms-cervical-cancer-medical-bill/9a9441a5-96d9-40d7-b3b4-1ce7026da3c1

@DarkKnight @MajorTom


Wow what a piece of trash. Smh

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Code activated by him. These are Proofs.

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That’s so messed up. Hope they ban him. Lowest of the low.

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I totally agree with u .
He saw he is not wining dispute and he finished transaction with green smile . Ofc i gave him bad for this sh*t . Admin please ban this guy from marketplace . He already have 10 poor rates …

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Block him so he will be not able to buy from you anymore and lets wait for admins.

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I know and already did that

@DarkKnight Check that scammer take action :expressionless:

Hello everyone,

I have verified the case and there was enough proof to suspend the user.

Thanks for the details @San_Marino1!

Have a great day everyone :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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