False Warned for Selling glitched/duped items.

Hey everyone, 3 days ago i got a warning of selling glitched/duped items but the weird thing is, i never did! I’m just making this to find a solution right here, i don’t want to get suspended for this. How do i solve this? The only things i sold was Pet Simulator X Pets but i traded all pets with my gems in the game. I sent an e-mail to gameflip support but it has been 4d and still no answers so i came here.

Thank you for your attention!

Hello, since you only sold Pet Sim X pets, then it should be that game. You can wait for Support/here to reply to see what you can do next. It could be that the pets you traded for were duped.
Suggestion would be to stop selling Pet Sim X pets until you get a reply from support/here.

Include the ticket ID here so the Gameflip moderators (I am not one) can check the ticket when they are free without having to ask for the ticket ID which will delay again.

email id: 705826

The only thing i can sell is that, im just wondering how all these other people selling pet sim x pets aren’t getting in trouble.

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If you think that someone is breaking any rules, you can report via Support with some evidence/proof.
You will not be able to know if they have received warnings. Some people still continue to break rules despite warnings which will lead to bans.

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