Fuck this stupid app

I bought this video over 7 days ago and have yet to receive the item. The tracking number does not work and I have requested the buyer to send the tracking number again for confirmation, but I haven’t received it. This app has been nothing but a problem. My latest purchased of Ryse for Xbox one has also not been shipped due to the seller backing out of the deal today. These purchases have been a headache and very frustrating. I am still waiting on you guys to correct my purchased of Fonza 5 which I also didn’t receive, the seller sent me the wrong game titled Dead Rising for Xbox one.

I don’t want to attack you or anything like that, I just think you have had bad luck. I’ve bought 5 videogames so far, four different sellers, not a problem at all. In fact, I’m very happy with this app, since I got 3 of those 5 games basically free, and the other two really cheap.

Anyways, I’m confident your issues with the app will be solved, as I’ve seen other users having trouble with the app, but Gameflip always do as much as they can to solve these kind of things.

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Sorry to hear about that! If you’ve sent in Help Tickets about the issues, then we’ll try our best to assist you in anyway possible. In the meantime, to avoid further issues, we highly suggest purchasing from established Sellers who have a comfortable amount of “Good” ratings. Please also try and buy recent items, as older items might indicate that the Seller is inactive. We try to make Gameflip as transparent as possible in these aspects to minimize these types of situations. :sweat: