Game flip canceled my purchase due to inconsitencies

What dowse this mean , I have waited 3 days for this to happen I am very unsatisfied with this website since this is my first purchase but I’m giving it another shot hopefully this won’t happen again , please tell me why it got canceled

Hi Kevin, im not support, but i wanted to try and help you. So 1 thing i wanted to let you know is that on the weekend support isn’t available so the 3 days you have been waiting is because no one was there to read tickets. On Monday they start going through all the tickets from the weekend. It can take up to 72 hours to get through them all. As it goes from 1st in 1st out basis. They just have to make sure everyone is protected. If you haven’t already please submit a ticket to support. If you did please wait patiently and they will explain what happened in your case.
Hope this helps.

If your purchased was canceled due to inconsistencies, this means that whatever information that we had asked from you to verify your payment information, etc. didn’t match what we had on file.