*gameflip admins read* tips for the company!

Hello fellow Gameflippers, I would like to introduce myself as I am quite new and this will be my first post. My name is “SLAUGHTsix” (my Xbox gamertag, if anyone wants to add me), I mainly come on here to buy/sell Rocket League items and so far it’s been great, but I’d like to address a few problems I’ve come across so far…

Under Review

  • so I’ve seen this problem happen every now and then with some of my friends, and some of my clients who have bought from me; I never really understood what the heck it did and what the point of it was. So it seems that the point of it is pretty much to confirm who you are, make sure that it’s actually YOU. Don’t get me wrong, this is great, but the problem with this is, it takes TOO LONG. I recently just bought something (I have never came across this problem until now)…it’s been 18 hours since and it’s still under review/just now got my email to confirm. It shouldn’t take this long, period. I understand the site guarantees it’ll be done within a day, but from what I’ve seen other people have had this problem go on for more than that time. If you buy an item, you should be receiving it ASAP and not have to wait for y’alls crappy system. But if you could work on this, maybe update it a bit (cause I don’t have problems using my PayPal on any other site), it’d be a huge plus for the site and overall you’d be profiting a lot, as you’d be getting more sales (most of the time when it goes under review (especially the newbies who don’t know what it means) they generally cancel it, making you not get the profit you could’ve had.

Customer Service Phone #

  • okay, another huge problem, there is no number to call. No excuse for this, even the smallest companies have numbers for you to call if there are any problems. I’ve read on another post that you (as a company) just simply don’t have the money (there are many ways to solve this problem), which will go ahead and bring me onto the next few topic.
    But here is a length to explain more in depth; http://grasshopper.com/blog/5-reasons-why-your-small-business-needs-a-toll-free-number/

Not enough diversified games

  • if you want to make more money, increase the amount of games you have available to buy/sell for your customers. Overall that will bring more people here. Also if you added a number (since that cost money apparently, which is why you should get a toll free) these games would pay back the money you owe to this company, therefore you wouldn’t have to add more charges to us when we sellers sell stuff. Just a hint, if you got ROBLOX on Gameflip, that would be huge (they have trading as well).

I could go on and on, but even if you just fixed the under review time, that would leave Gameflip members super happy, and if you fixed these other things, man, you’d guys would just be growing your business a ton! If you’d like I could leave more suggestions, but I’m mainly just worried about the under review.

If anyone wants to add me on Xbox my gamertag is SLAUGHTsix.