Gameflip Bitcoin Withdrawl

Hi guys! So I just applied for gameflip bitcoin withdrawl but it was very confusing! Was wondering if any moderators could help me out! I already emailed gameflip and got a reply regarding that I can indeed use my fathers phone bill since he pays for the a family phone plan which has my phone under it! The other issues I encountered though is that I use Cash App as a valid bitcoin wallet and the thing with that is after every transaction my btc adress changes! So with the adress I submited how will they know in the future what my btc adress is? Does it automatically stay up to date or was I supposed to do it a different way?

Any moderators or admins who can help I will greatly appreciate it!


@admins Sorry for pinging the admins I’d just really like some help with this topic! On a good note I did get approved for bitcoin withdrawl since I made the post! The bad thing is just like I expected becaues my cashapp btc adress constantly changes, the bitcoin adress that got approved is not my adress anymore! IS there anyway for me to link a blockchain adress instead?

@DarkKnight Sorry for the pink Dark, just kinda new to the forum so I don’t know if pinging anyone even works hehe! But you did reply to a previous question of mine, so maybe you can help me again?

Everything worked out well! Thanks guys!

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Hello @Jordan_Celtics,

So sorry for the wait.

I’m glad that your issue was solved.

If you have further questions please feel free to ask us.

Also, I have verified your account and can see that the Support Team sent you an email on Monday.

Please answer as soon as possible so we can get your pending issue cleared for you :wink:

Have an awesome day and stay safe!

God Speed! :trident:

Hey not sure about which pending issue your talking about! The only issue of concern for me as of right now is the two warns I got for robux selling even though other sellers were able to post robux and sell it, and it is currently still on gameflip’s site! Diogo, a gameflip representative replied back to me saying quote on quote “Okay they were unfair on this case, you can ignore them.” So I assume he means to ignore the warns but I know other people have told me 3 warns is a ban, and being so new to gameflip I’d really appreciate if the warns were just altogether removed!

Thanks for your help,

Hello @Jordan_Celtics,

I have verified your and understand your point.

The ticket that you have with Diogo has been attached to your account as reference and I added a note to disregard the warning :wink:

Hope you have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:

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