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So basically, a buyer decided to try and scam me by claiming they didn’t receive the item even though I had all the proof I needed to show that they got the item so please check this out quick since you already cancelled the order and refunded them…
Order ID is: ddf9d1b7-ce6f-48c8-b526-dc5fb62ca10a Ticket ID: 779228
@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @argethalm @MajorTom
Proof of the trade:

Video Proof of the Trade:

Edit: never mind I may be wrong about this.

Alright, so here’s what I found after looking into your inventory

Date: 6/11/2022, I noticed u had 2 cwhp on 6/10…

I searched up the day after u traded away cwhp, and found this cwhp left with the UAID: 3966… That means it was the other cwhp u traded away.

This is the UAID of the clockwork headphones u traded away, the 168… one. (Date: 6/10/2022)

Just checking the trade on that date: I find that the cwhp just has one trade transfer.

Which is not to that Alicia account. So I checked the other one as well.

U are still the owner of that, so u definitely didn’t trade it away.

So I checked your current inventory.

You have two clockwork headphones, one u obtained a couple days ago, but it’s a different UAID, so there is no connection there.

Overall? I don’t see any transfer to the Alicia account, so can u provide video evidence of the trade with more detail as in to how exactly the trade went down + with scrolling and not a still frame? And I would recommend you record yourself sending the trade next time as it is your job as a seller to take evidence WHILE the trade is happening.

Edit: also looking at ur reviews… u never sold any big items before… so u should have definitely prepared in advance.

She sold them right away and transferred it onto another account… rolimons takes 2 hours for it to actually register in your inventory…

check her rolimons she sold everything she had or transfered it to a alt

It makes sense for there to be a transfer, but once again, u really should record the trade as it’s happening… I know Rolimon’s doesn’t record everything so try contacting the guy who did the trade and ask him to send u a screenshot of the trade he did.

do you work for gameflip?

Hello @ciz,

Please keep in mind that the dispute team does their best to investigate and verify both sides (seller/buyer) in order to close a dispute case and they informed the following in your case:

“After checking all evidence provided by you and the buyer, we had enough evidence that you didn’t trade the “Clockwork’s Headphones” with the user”.

So just like @LLVegetables, next time, please record the trade / gather concrete evidence so you have proof that the item was in fact sent to the buyer, if the order goes through a dispute.

Also, please do not add titles like you did on this post. Further violations could result in a suspension.

Godspeed! :trident: